What to Do When You’re Cranky & Blue: A Guide for Kids


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Everyone feels “down” sometimes. Who wouldn’t feel blue if their best friend moved away or if they were being teased or bullied in school? Counsellor and clinical psychologist James J. Crist has written a book that kids can turn to for support, encouragement, and ideas for coping when they feel bad, sad, grumpy, or lonely. Kids learn 10 “Blues Busters” to help shake those unhappy feelings. They also discover lots of ideas they can use to talk about feelings, take care of themselves, boost their self-esteem, make and keep friends, and enjoy their alone time. A special section addresses hard-to-handle problems like grief, roller-coaster feelings, and depression

Includes resources and a Note to Grown-Ups.


  • Part 1: Getting to know your cranky and blue feelings
  • Chapter 1: What it’s like to feel cranky and blue
  • Chapter 2: Blues busters
  • Chapter 3: Going further: Pencil and paper exercise
  • Chapter 4: Connecting with others
  • The best blues busters
  • Part 2: Getting help for hard-to-handle problems
  • Chapter 5: When someone dies or leaves you (Grief)
  • Chapter 6: When the blues won’t go away (Depression)
  • Chapter 7: Roller-coater moods (Bipolar disorder)
  • Chapter 8: Other problems related to depression
  • Chapter 9: When you feel like giving up on life (Suicide)
  • Chapter 10: How experts can help
  • A note to grown-ups
  • Index
  • About the author

Author Bio:

Dr. James J. Crist is a psychologist specializing in children with ADHD, depression, and anxiety disorders. He is the Clinical Director and a Staff Psychologist at the Child and Family Counseling Centre in Woodbridge, Virginia, where he provides psychological testing and individual, couples, and family psychotherapy for children, adolescents, and adults.