The Bulimia Workbook for Teens


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Bulimia is one of the most difficult mental health disorders to overcome, and it is essential that sufferers incorporate new coping skills into their lives right away to avoid falling into the destructive pattern of bingeing and purging. The Bulimia Workbook for Teens teaches teens who binge and purge how to replace unhealthy thoughts, feelings, and behaviours with a new set of habits. These activities are based in cognitive behavioural therapy, the professional treatment of choice for bulimia, and are arranged in a progressive format. Their order is based on the premise that bulimic behaviour serves a purpose for the reader and may even act as a lifeline. In order to let bulimia go, the reader needs to feel confident that he or she has something just as good as bingeing and purging to take its place. Activities aim to boost readers’ self-esteem, balance moodiness, restore a sense of power and confidence, reduce perfectionism and foster self-compassion, promote positive body image, and help readers learn to manage their emotions. Little by little, teens build the confidence to risk replacing the old thoughts and behaviours with new, healthy ones.

The Bulimia Workbook for Teens presents 42 exercises that will help you end the chaos of bulimia so that you can focus on becoming the person you really want to be. These exercises teach skills for overcoming bulimia based in cognitive behavioural therapy, a kind of therapy that psychologists use and research has shown really helps.

 The skills in this workbook will help you to:

  • Build the strength to reduce your dependence on bulimia
  • Overcome perfectionism and be kinder toward yourself and your body
  • Manage difficult emotions without bingeing and purging
  • Transcend bulimia by accepting and loving yourself unconditionally