Lighthouse Resources is a national training and consulting organisation for the human services sector.

We provide a range of POSITIVE, CHANGE FOCUSSED, customised services for people and organisations working with people. In our work the starting point is always the strengths and aspirations of workers and organisations. The additional resources we bring will complement and build on these strengths and aspirations. Lighthouse Resources is STAFFED BY A TEAM OF HIGHLY SKILLED TRAINERS AND CONSULTANTS who have a wealth of experience in the delivery of innovative and well regarded initiatives. Our trainer/consultants have been recruited based on a proven track record in the design and delivery of work that is at a high standard of excellence. They have a wide range of experience in areas such as training, curriculum development, social research, program development, policy development and review, organisational review and strategic planning, professional supervision and development of publications.

A Social Business

Lighthouse Resources has been operating for fifteen years and is an initiative of Kyabra Community Association Inc., based in Brisbane. We operate as a social business. All of our funds are re-invested in Kyabra’s community-based projects. Lighthouse Resources grew from Kyabra’s desire to support the development of strengths and other approaches in the sector.

What Shapes Our Practice

The principles and frameworks of a STRENGTHS APPROACH, SOLUTION FOCUSSED and NARRATIVE PRACTICES significantly shape all of our activities. The strengths-based practice offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to identify and evaluate what is already working well and within a culture of learning, develop sound recommendations for future practice. Recent discoveries in the fields of NEUROSCIENCE and POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY have provided new insights that inform our work.

The connection with Kyabra and close collaboration with many services and organisations continue to provide a valuable resource for refining and developing these approaches in workplace settings.

Facilitator Gallery

Jean Tally

Jean Tally began with a career in arts education including full time lecturer in Australia University. She has had the privilege of travelling and working with diverse communities from remote areas across Western Australia to urban communities around Australia, and internationally in Hong Kong and Spain, sharing cultural and arts practice.

Her entry into early intervention activities with families and children began in 2009 at Kyabra which launched collaborations in working with Multicultural Australia, QPASST, PCYC where she was able to extend her skills in working in group settings. For the past 6 years she has worked in residential settings with Brisbane Youth Services and Anglicare HSWF and their TFS program in family support.

Jean holds a MFA, Post Grad diploma of Teaching, BFA and is an advanced trainer and mentor in the Nurtured Heart Approach. These academic experiences are integrated and deepened by ongoing and robust practices in body mind knowledge, dance and learning from others.

Nurtured Heart Approach Advanced Trainer and Mentor

Peter Marrington

Peter Marrington is an Accredited Mental Health Social Worker with a special interest in anxiety and trauma. He has more than 35 years experience working as a child and family therapist in government and not-for-profit organisations, and in private practice – providing counselling to children and adults, consultancy and training to health and welfare professionals, managing clinical services, and in the research and development of treatment programs for abused children and adults.

Ruth O’Sullivan

Hello! My name is Ruth and I have had the opportunity to facilitate almost 45 Youth Mental Health First Aid courses – yes I certainly do enjoy it!
I am currently working as a Mental Health Consumer Engagement Facilitator within Queensland Health. This role provides knowledge on up to date/current mental health work practices and previous positions include Mental Health Lived Experience supervisor and a Resource Worker to empower family members of people with mental health difficulties at Kyabra Community Association which is a well-regarded strength based Non- Government Organisation.
I identify as a Carer of people with mental health difficulties and have an understanding of the complexities people face when providing Youth Mental Health First Aid, it is all about Shattering the Stigma and walking through our fear to help someone feeling very vulnerable. I am also a Clinical Hypnotherapist and enjoy helping people release the past to move into their future. Along the way I have completed Program Development and Facilitation (PDF) and gained experience in management of groups and good course delivery skills with honesty and lived experience. I have a Bachelor of Social Science, completed two subjects of the Masters in Mental Health and a Wellways – Building a Better Future facilitator.
My special interest is facilitating Youth Mental Health First Aid, it is a great course and you come away knowing you are on the right track and/or can tweak a few things to ensure you feel confident in having meaningful interactions and conversations with people.

Trish Landsberger

Trish Landsberger is employed by Kyabra Community Association, as Manager of the Group Work and Training Team. Part or her role finds her connecting with local families who are struggling with aspects of their parenting and can also be experience marginalization for a range of reasons, mental health issues being one. Trish started her working life as a primary/infant teacher and moved into early years education. Over the last twelve years Trish has trained as an Experiential and Creative Arts Therapist and has completed a Masters in Gestalt Therapy. Currently Trish has a small private practice outside of her full time position where she works as a therapist and parenting coach and mentor. Trish started working collaboratively with Maggie several years ago when they co-created The Parent Trail 1 & 2.

Vicki Carrick

Vicki Carrick has worked in the community sector for over 25 years and her work roles include case management, child protection, community development, disability program coordination, group facilitation, international development work, project work and training. Vicki has completed a Master of Social Administration and further study in Facilitation and Strengths-based Supervision, and she is currently completing a Master of Mental Health/Master of Social Work. Vicki is passionate about strengths-based practice, and this is reflected in her practice framework!

Erika Hows

Erika Hows is employed by Kyabra Community Association, as a Coordinator. Erika has worked in the community sector for over 15 years and her previous work roles include Residential Youth Coordinator and Manager, Intensive Family Support Worker and Foster and Kinship Care Case Manager. Erika has completed a Bachelor of Social Science (Counselling and Behavioural Science), A Diploma of Community Service, Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment and Certificate 4 in Criminology. Erika is passionate about early intervention for young people and particularly ensuring that through education professionals can best support children to keep them safe.

Kyabra Connection

Lighthouse Resources is committed to strengths-based practice which is increasingly being utilised as an approach that is characterised by identifying and building upon the strengths of individuals and organisations. Strengths-based practice offers individuals and organisations the opportunity to identify and evaluate what is already working well and within a culture of learning, develop sound recommendations for future practice.

“Strong links between Lighthouse Resources, Kyabra and other community based organisations at local, state, national and international levels provide unique opportunities to collaborate and draw from best practice across a diversity of issues from a range of service providers and practitioners. Projects are regularly peer reviewed by other consultants of Lighthouse Resources to maintain a high standard of work.”

Resources for Positive Change

We stock a wide range of resources to inform and inspire “change”. Items in our range are informed by an underlying belief that the change process is more successful for individuals and organisations when:

  • There is genuine collaboration between people “power with
  • People or organisations are acknowledged as the experts on their own lives or situations and they can and should drive their own change
  • Every person or organisation has strengths and mobilising these strengths opens a door to creative and sustainable change.

We Can Help You Find the Right Resource
To help you decide which resource is most suitable, the staff at Lighthouse Resources draw upon:

  • The wealth of stories and experiences that we hear from “the field”
  • Our experiences as regular users of conversations cards and frequent readers of the latest literature

We are happy to have a chat or respond to an email which you can send via the “Contact Us” page.

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