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Life gets tough sometimes, and it can be hard for kids to open up about their emotions. But the Ninja Life Hacks ninjas are here to help.

The 52 cards in this deck and the companion booklet jumpstart conversations about important topics introduced by Angry Ninja, Positive Ninja, Anxious Ninja, and the rest of the Ninja Life Hacks gang. All the fun, familiar characters from this bestselling book series are here, sharing what they’ve learned from their adventures and asking questions about feelings and emotions that families can explore together.

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  • 52 Conversation Cards: Start a conversation anytime, or set a weekly routine to get kids talking about their emotions.
  • Family Bonding: Conversation cards are great way for parents and children to open up about topics they might not normally discuss.
  • Develop Social-Emotional Skills: Help children deal with difficult emotions and learn communication skills with discussions inspired by the cards.
  • Screen Time Alternative: Conversation cards are a fun way to engage with beloved characters that don’t require a screen and encourages face-to-face communication.
  • Guided By Ninjas: By introducing complex subjects with fun and entertaining ninja characters, these conversation cards encourage kids to open up with the help of their favourite ninjas.

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Mary Nhin loves being the guinea pig for all her husband’s kitchen creations. She is a mom of three boys, mindset coach, restaurateur, real estate broker, and author. For 20 years, she has been serving families through her companies, Nhinja Sushi and Grow Grit. She has been awarded the Forty under 40 and Inc 5000.

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