Let’s Talk About Anxiety


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A Guide to Help Adults Talk With Kids About Worries

A book-and-card set featuring thoughtful exercises and prompts to encourage open conversations about childhood worries. Start the conversation and help a child open up about worries with Let’s Talk About Anxiety.

Featuring a beautifully illustrated book and 20 accompanying conversation cards, Let’s Talk About Anxiety inspires thoughtful discussion between adults and children, helping young people to speak about their worries and concerns.

Whether it’s explaining what worry feels like, or providing a child with the tools to cope in situations where he or she feels nervous, the activities and exercises inside use prompts and images to discuss important issues with a focus on mental wellbeing and understanding.

This set allows adults to engage with children on an emotional level, helping them to develop emotional connections, as well as growing their compassion, communication and effective listening skills.

Author Bio:

Sharon Selby is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (MA) and Founder of Toddler to Teen (R) Anxiety Solutions. She is passionate about reducing the high levels of anxiety impacting children, running anxiety management groups and 1:1 counselling to tackle the issue. Sharon is the author of Surfing the Worry Imp’s Wave, which teaches children and caregivers about anxiety and cognitive behavioural therapy strategies. She is a sought-out media personality, from print and radio to television and TEDx.

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