Let’s Talk Feelings


Let’s Talk: Feelings, is a card game to enable people to become more aware of their feelings.

It is an adaptable resource, designed for use as a 5-minute ice breaker, in a one-hour discussion, or in a series of more detailed workshop sessions.

It covers a range of feelings, for example: angry, jealous, calm, disappointed, overwhelmed, proud, nervous, frustrated, uncomfortable, curious, left out, loving.

Can be used with adults or children, with individuals or in small groups, home, school (eg circle time, learning support), therapy settings.

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The cards are split into 6 sections:

  • Give an example of when you felt…?
  • How would you feel if…? (for example, if all your friends were invited to a party and you weren’t, or if you get the blame for something you did not do)
  • You are feeling…? How would you show it?
  • Dealing with different emotions
  • Helping friends to deal with different feelings
  • Other people s feelings (e.g. You boast about your achievements. How might the other person feel?; You ask for help from a friend even though you know they are busy. How might they feel?).

78 cards, instructions and ideas

Author Bio:

Sue Nicholls‘ particular interest is in the personal development of children and young people. As a youth worker she was involved in the setting up and running of a nationally acclaimed youth-led peer befriending charity. Sue now works as an accredited childminder and is a National Childminding Association Tutor. She has been exploring creative ways of helping children develop their emotional literacy.

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