Change-Oriented Therapy with Adolescents and Young Adults: A New Generation of Respectful and Effective Processes and Practices


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In Change-Oriented Therapy With Adolescents and Young Adults, Bob Bertolino writes with an eye toward the issues faced by contemporary therapists who, confronted with the pressures of running a clinical practice and dealing with managed care, are often compelled to keep therapy brief and solution-oriented.

Results are critical and they must be attained in a relatively short amount of time, which requires the flexibility to use various therapeutic modalities and the willingness to adopt a form of clinical guidance that allows the client to guide therapy and initiate change while honouring the therapeutic relationship and alliance. Bertolino provides techniques and practical principles to facilitate transformation, including question-and-answer segments and case examples that show readers how change-oriented therapy works and feels in the clinical setting. Change-oriented therapy breaks new ground for both therapists and clients by revising and reintegrating existing theories and practices.

Author Bio:

Bob Bertolino, Ph.D., is a therapist and trainer. He has authored or co-authored eight books on collaborative, change-oriented approaches to psychotherapy. Bob has presented throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.


“This book is titled Change-Oriented Therapy but it really should be called How to Cooperate with Uncooperative Clients. It is a thorough treatise on the nuts and bolts of how to tame angry clients and how to instill hope where pessimism seems to reign. This is the textbook of choice for anyone wanting to learn how to deal effectively with the youth of today as well as their frustrated parents” – Ben Furman, author of Its Never too Late to Have a Happy Childhood