The Wrong Stone


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The Wrong Stone is a 32-page book and was written by Russell Deal-publisher, educator, social worker and part time pirate in schools. It tells a quirky and humorous story that celebrates difference and ends in triumph for one small stone who thought it was the end of the road and the crusher for him!

He is the ‘Wrong Stone’ and the wrong shape, no matter how he tries to hide his ugly bits. just wrong, wrong, wrong. But when he is finally selected for exactly the right place in the fabulous stone wall that is being created by the stonemason, we celebrate the fact that there is a perfect place for everyone. All of the other stones, including Igneous and his not so Sedimentary mates, get to celebrate too.

This landscape, softcover book with a back flap has beautiful, full-colour illustrations by Melbourne artist, Ray Bowler. With an eye for the unexpected and a wicked sense of humour, Ray has enticed the stones to emerge as characters with personalities, feelings and more than a joke or two to tell. A bit like anyone’s family, really. Each time readers of any age open the book, they will discover something they have not noticed before in the illustrations.

This book is for children and it is for adults. It is also for children and adults to read together. The dedication and inside back cover feature words from the author that are like an open letter to the older reader. They open a delightful and meaningful conversation about the celebration of difference and the lessons that can be learnt from stone.