Walking in People’s Worlds


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This book offers students and professionals alike a reflexive exploration of the practical, emotional and spiritual components of social work practice. Examples from practitioners’ experiences working with families and children are provided throughout and include the often unseen, positive contribution of statutory child protection workers. The approach is solution-focused, strengths-based, and emotional intelligence theory. The book offers strategies to support and strengthen the ways that social workers can partner with children and families to bring about positive change in complex problematic situations.

The book is intended to support social workers, but it will also be useful to those working in wider social service areas, including counselling, especially with children and families. It distils the best of practice wisdom and aims to assist practitioners to work with positive energy and make a real difference.

Author Bio:

Nicki Weld lives in Wellington, New Zealand, and has had experience in a variety of social work roles, including senior social worker, supervisor, acting team leader, tutor, senior trainer, and national social work advisor. Her qualifications include a Master’s (Applied) in Social Work, and Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. Nicki believes in the application of creativity and innovation in social service work to inspire people to reach their true potential.

Cherie Appleton lives in Auckland, New Zealand and has worked as a community development, residential and generic social worker, care and protection co-ordinator, supervisor, tutor, trainer, project manager, consultant and manager. Her qualifications include raising a family, CQSW, Diploma Training and Development, Diploma Management, and she is currently completing her Master’s in Social Work. Cherie believes in connecting people, ideas, knowledge and resources to enable positive and mutually rewarding relationships.

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