Win-Win Games for All Ages: Cooperative Activities for Building Social Skills


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Everyone Wins, a Parent Choice Award-winner, has been on New Society Publishers’ best-seller list over 10 years. Now, the authors of the original cooperative games book have developed a sequel designed to enhance harmonious human relationships. Win-Win Games for All Ages is all about people getting to know one another better and deepening relationships. This exciting resource offers ways to hear values, demonstrate skills, and express oneself in safety – critical social skills that will last a lifetime.

Included are 40 all-new games and activities such as ‘Fashion Victim,’ ‘Do You Believe in Lies,’ and ‘Monster Mash.’

Thirteen Initiatives like ‘Outer Space Decision Exercise’ and ‘Nuclear Waste’ focus on group problem solving activities.

Three Holistic Learning Adventures explore trust-building in week-long experiences.

Risk is a central factor in learning to open oneself and trusting others – each type of engagement in Win-Win Games for All Ages requires increasing risk.

For facilitators who wish to deepen a group’s dynamics and cooperation, each activity is followed by a debriefing section to help participants discuss and understand the risks that have taken together and as individuals. Most of the activities are designed for groups of children, but many can be adapted for adults as well as for all ages playing together. This value-based game sourcebook is perfect for educators, parents, and anyone who works with children!

Together Sambhava and Josette Luvmour created and developed Natural Learning Rhythms – a family-oriented approach to human development. They are co-founders of EnCompass, the first holistic learning center for the whole family.