Treating Huckleberry Finn


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A five-step approach to understanding, nourishing and learning to control the millions of kids diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder and drugged with amphetamines because they behave like Huck Finn-restless, rebellious, playful and adventuresome. Nylund is one of a growing number of professionals who believe there is no scientific evidence that ADD or ADHD actually exist. In this book, he outlines a five-step narrative therapy approach called SMART

  • Separating the problem from the child
  • Mapping the effect of ADD/ADHD
  • Attending to exceptions
  • Reclaiming special abilities
  • Telling others of achievement.

This solution-focused treatment has been proven to get results with the Huckleberry Finns of the world-kids who have been unfairly branded with the label of ADHD.

Author Bio:

Dr. David Nylund has been a practicing therapist for 26 years of clinical experience in a broad array of settings including community mental health, non-profit agencies, managed care, and private practice. He uses a positive present-focused approach to help build self-acceptance as the basis for all changes and growth.

David specializes in working with people suffering from anxiety and depression; relationship issues; gender issues; masculinity; trauma and abuse; life transitions (grief and loss, divorce, career changes, etc.); children and teens struggling with emotional and behavioral difficulties; youth and adults with eating/food related issues; substance abuse problems; marital issues; parenting difficulties; and family therapy.