The Solution-focused Parent


How to Help Children Conquer Challenges by Learning Skills

This practical book presents readers with a skills-based, child rearing approach to supporting a child’s growth and helping them overcome both minor and major developmental challenges.

In contrast to conventional approaches to child psychology, this innovative approach focuses on developing children’s abilities rather than concentrating on and trying to fix their “problems.” Additionally, instead of blaming caretakers for their child’s challenges, the skills approach offers them the keys with which they can coach and motivate their children to overcome challenges by learning required skills. Readers will find it easy to grasp the idea of the skills mindset through the book’s wealth of eye-opening stories, case examples, and the author’s personal insights as a psychotherapist, parent, and creator of the Kids’Skills method. Clear, detailed instructions will help readers immediately put the ideas into everyday practice with their own children and families.

This book is a must-have, hope-instilling toolbox for anyone involved in the task of raising a child. Parents, grandparents, teachers, mental health professionals, and more will find this a valuable resource in ensuring the future success of the children in their lives.

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1. The rhyme stone tale

2. What is the skills approach?

3. How to convert challenges into skills to learn

4. How to motivate children to learn skills

5. How to use the skills approach in day-to-day parenting

6. Examples: The skills approach in action

7. Children’s challenges from A to Z

8. Things to keep in mind

9. Skills approach in schools

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