The Negatees


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The Negatees is, to put it bluntly, a sooky la-la!

He whines about everything, and is never happy with what he’s got. He needs to change his ways and fast, or else his life will be one miserable soap opera! Luckily, a little purple guy pops along who sets a brilliant example for The Negatees to follow. The question is will he follow it? (The answers yes, he will … just in case you were wondering).

This great book teaches kids in a fun way to always try to have a positive attitude. The Negatees is a sad and pessimistic creature who lives in the land of the smelly trees – he continuously enjoys the misery of knowing that nothing good will ever happen to him. In the end, let’s hope that the Negatees learned his lesson and will act more positively as he sees good things happen to a purple creature because he was positive and happy.

Ages 3 to 10 years