The Monkey Mind Meditation Deck


30 Fun Ways for Kids to Chill Out, Tune In, and Open Up

Navigate changing emotions with this beautifully illustrated meditation deck featuring 30 cards to help kids ages 4 and up connect more deeply with themselves and others.

Help your child become more focused, calm, and capable of dealing with overwhelming emotions. The Monkey Mind Meditation Deck explores the playful and powerful qualities of animals and nature to inspire your child to discover the same qualities in themselves and others. Vibrant images from illustrator Alexander Vidal are paired with key phrases and short meditations or activities to help children learn about themselves without judgment. By getting to know the impulses that give rise to their actions, children can become empowered to make choices that truly serve them best.

The deck includes a short booklet explaining the various ways to use the cards and additional notes to tailor the meditations and activities to meet the needs of your child. Encourage playful discovery to help your child learn how to be a captain of their own ship, appreciate the present moment, and venture outside their cocoon. Whether your child wants to draw the cards face down for spontaneous inspiration or select one face up to work on a specific theme, the deck offers authentic exploration and a creative way for children to reflect on difficult topics. The cards will help your child cultivate a safe inner space to handle life’s ups and downs, release tension and anxiety, and maintain the emotional freedom needed to explore their unique gifts as they navigate an increasingly complex world.

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Author Bio:

Carolyn Kanjuro is a writer and creative collaborator. She served as creative director for Secrets of the World, an award-winning audio series for children featuring global storytellers, and has taught meditation, theater, and contemplative archery to kids throughout North America.

Illustrator Bio:

Originally from New Mexico, Alexander Vidal studied cultural anthropology and spent time living in Africa and Asia before starting his career in illustration. Travel, exploration, and a love for animals and wild spaces continue to drive the themes of his work. A recent graduate of Art Center College of Design, his clients have included the California Academy of Sciences, the Sierra Club, the National Wildlife Federation, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.


Carolyn Kanjuro’s extraordinary talent, creativity and ability to drill down the complicated into clear headed joy and love is evident in this beautifully illustrated deck of mediation moments. One may think this is for children. Perhaps it is, and serves little ones well, but insight, mindfulness, transformation and calm is available to those of any age through these remarkable cards. I am a teacher of teenaged students who have suffered trauma. I wholeheartedly recommend, The Monkey Mind Mediation Deck which has been a valuable tool in my classroom. – Roseanna.

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