The Little Book of Attachment: Theory to Practice in Child Mental Health with Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy


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A practical guide to implementing the rich theory of attachment for treating mental health challenges in children.

This book both explains and illustrates how the practice of child mental health professionals can be enhanced, whatever their treatment approach, to encourage engagement, resilience, and development in children with mental health problems. Alongside practical recommendations, Daniel Hughes and Ben Gurney-Smith use dialogue from clinical work to illustrate applications of these principles from Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy as well as other attachment-based practices with parents and children. This “little book” will demystify how attachment theory—one of today’s most in-demand approaches—can actually be brought into clinical work.

Topics include regulating emotional states

  • repairing ongoing relationships
  • establishing an attachment-based therapeutic relationship
  • accepting a child’s inner life
  • assessing the caregiver’s need for safety
  • regulation, and reflection
  • the importance of nonverbal and verbal conversations in facilitating secure attachment
  • and strengthening the mind of the child.

Author Bio:

Daniel A. Hughes, PhD, is a clinical psychologist who developed Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy. He lives in Portland, Maine.