The Feelings Artbook: Promoting Emotional Literacy Through Drawing


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This fun, imaginative book offers children a way to develop their emotional literacy skills through creativity and drawing. The new edition has been reimagined as a child-friendly activity book that can be completed independently, with beautiful new illustrations and more than ten extra activities.

For professionals, the book is designed to be flexible and photocopiable, so that it can be used in a range of educational and therapeutic settings. The accompanying instructions and guidance are now available online, with a clearly stated aim for each activity, a suggested outline of how to facilitate and three optional follow-on ideas. There are now also three Monitoring and Evaluation templates included in the online booklet, one for individual work, one for group work and one for whole-class work.

The resource is divided into three themed sections:

  • Self Esteem: Activities exploring identity, personal empowerment, aspirations and values, and important relationships in a child’s life
  • Emotions: In this section, children are invited to consider a range of complex feelings such as excitement, jealousy and disappointment
  • Empathy and Imagination: These activities guide children towards an awareness of other people’s experiences, emotions and feelings

Suitable for both parents and professionals, this book is an invaluable resource for anybody looking to improve the emotional awareness and wellbeing of young people.


  • Introduction
  • Self Esteem Activities 1-20
  • Emotions Activities 21-40
  • Empathy and Imagination Activities 41-60
  • Index of Topics

Author Bio:

Ruby Radburn graduated from Goldsmiths College with a BA in Media and Communications, and later went on to complete an MA in Creative Writing at the same university. She has worked in education for over 15 years and has always made her own resources in response to the needs of the children she works with. It is from this creative approach that The Feelings Artbook was born.

Ellie Tocher graduated from London College of Communication with a BA in Book Arts and Design. She lives in London and is currently working as a Primary School Teaching Assistant. In this role, she runs a lunchtime drawing club, where she has trialled sample pages from the new edition of The Feelings Artbook.