The A-Z of Survival Strategies for Therapeutic Parents From Chaos to Cake


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‘This book is your hot flask of tea or coffee, and a cosy blanket which will keep you warm, safe and well on your journey, ensuring you reach the other side, mentally and physically well.’ So, you are great at therapeutic parenting, but how are YOU? If you don’t have the time or inclination for a bit of ‘self-care’ then this is the book for you. This easy-to-follow, dip-in dip-out resource addresses common challenges and feelings experienced by therapeutic parents, and offers 80 practical strategies to help you cope and survive as a therapeutic parent.

Bestselling parenting author Sarah Naish writes with humour and compassion, drawing on her own personal and professional experiences to cover everything from essential maintenance to isolation and rejection and how to survive including helpful phrases to humorous anecdotes and examples of how to schedule a holiday. Designed to save time, save energy and solve your problems, this book is a ‘must have’ for all therapeutic parents.

Author Bio:

Sarah Naish is author of bestselling parenting guide the a-z of therapeutic parenting. She is an adoptive parent, founder of the national association of therapeutic parents, director of inspire training group and author of the hugely popular therapeutic parenting books series. She lives in Gloucestershire.

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