Special Girls’ Business


Special Girls’ Business is a puberty resource written for girls with special needs, including:

  • Intellectual disability
  • Physical disability
  • Communication disorder and
  • Autism

Special Girls’ Business takes a girl and her carer step by step through the process of managing periods.
Information is presented simply with clear colourful pictures and limited text.

This sex education book helps girls with special needs and the important adults in their lives to manage this stage of life with confidence. It contains step by step illustrations to teach girls how to manage their period, including the use and disposal of pads. This puberty book provides practical hints for parents, teachers and carers, with special hints for Dads.

The book is very suited to be used by schools and residential facilities as a sex education and puberty resource.

There are two other disability puberty books in the series.

Puberty and Special Girls contains additional general information about puberty. It provides sexuality education about relationships.

Special Boys’ Business is a useful puberty resource to use with girls so that they understand the changes that boys experience at puberty.

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