Smart Parenting for Safer Kids: Helping Children to Make Smart Choices & Stay Safe


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The memory of sexual abuse in childhood never leaves its victims. Likewise the memory of bullying never goes away. Advances in technology are making our children more vulnerable to both. Professor Briggs, an expert in child protection, draws on a lifetime of research and practical experience to assist with today’s parenting issues.

In this book parents will learn how to:

  • Recognise the dangers to children in modern Western society
  • Build stronger kids and help them make smart choice
  • Choose safe, high-quality childcare and child minders
  • Safeguard children in potentially dangerous situations, including bullying, cyberspace and the interne
  • Protect against child sexual abuse
  • Parent through adolescence
  • Choose safe student exchanges.

Author Bio:

Freda Briggs is emeritus professor, Division of Education, Arts and Social Sciences, Education Arts and Social Sciences Divisional Office, Magill Campus, South Australia. Professor Briggs is sought after for media comment due to her expertise in many areas of child development with a particular emphasis on child abuse, child protection, the medical aspects of child protection research, as well as early childhood care, protection, and safety.

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