Simple Low-Cost Games and Activities for Sensorimotor Learning


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A Sourcebook of Ideas for Young Children Including Those with Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Other Learning Differences

This practical sourcebook is packed full of fun, low-cost games and activities that encourage the development of motor skills, coordination and sensory tolerance in young children.

Using materials that are readily-available in most households or that can be purchased or homemade at a very low cost, these games and activities are appropriate for all children, including those with autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, and other learning challenges. The book includes clear descriptions of how to carry out each activity, helpful illustrations, and ways to adapt activities according to the child’s individual needs. In addition, a comprehensive reference guide to the activities enables easy searching for games suited to the development of particular skills.

This sourcebook is the key to easy-to-understand, low-cost, and effective games and activities that will support the development of sensorimotor skills. It is a useful tool for parents, carers, therapists, and teachers of children with or without special needs.


  • Preface.
  • 1. Introduction – The Importance of Play.
  • 2. Promoting Gross Motor Skills.
  • 3. Promoting Fine Motor Skills.
  • 4. Promoting Visual Skills.
  • 5. Promoting Sensory Skills.
  • Appendices.

Author Bio:

Lisa A. Kurtz is a paediatric occupational therapist and reading specialist, and has worked with children with special needs for over 33 years. She currently works at the Jameson Elementary School in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, and was formerly Director of Occupational Therapy for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and the Children’s Seashore House. For her contributions to training others about children with disabilities, Lisa has been placed on the Roster of Fellows and was awarded the Recognition of Achievement Award by the American Occupational Therapy Association.


As a mother of a teenager with autism and severe learning disabilities, this book appealed to me as it contains a huge array of activity ideas that are cheap to make… The majority of the ideas could be easily used in mainstream settings and would provide excellent learning experiences… the beauty of the book is that it covers several different sections which promote Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Visual Skills and Sensory Skills… Overall, this is an excellent resource book to use as and when you need a little inspiration for new activities, but it would equally be useful for forward planning a more structured timetable. It will be useful to professionals as well as parents, and contains many activities that could be well suited to mainstream and special needs children alike.