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This book tells the story of Shyanne a third grader who is very shy and has moved around a lot so she doesn’t know the students at her new school. She is misunderstood by the other students and no one tries to befriend her. After meeting with the school counsellor she learns some creative techniques to overcome her shyness and make friends with other students.

Her mother surprises her one day and takes her to pick out a dog at the local shelter. Shyanne chooses a cute little dog that seems very shy and frightened like her. Together they learn to overcome shyness and eventually make friends with others at the doggy park. This helps Shyanne learn how to approach her peers at school and make new friends.

Shyanne tells others how they can reach out to new students or children who are shy and afraid. After the story students can enjoy the follow up activities that teach skills for reaching and helping others.


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Author: Susan Bowman