Perry Panda


“Perry, you’re not naughty and you’ve not upset your mum.

It’s not your fault – it’s never your fault – that your mummy feels this glum.”

Perry is worried about his mum. He speaks with his grandma, who explains how his mum is feeling and offers reassurance. She makes it clear that Perry is not to blame and talks about some of the things that might help his mum feel better.

Perry Panda is a story designed to help young children understand a parent or carer’s depression. With simple rhymes and bright illustrations, it explains behaviours that may seem unusual to the child and reassures them that it is not their fault.

Children aged 3+ and suitable for social workers, child and family psychologists, youth and school counsellors, teachers, carers and parents.

Author Bio:

Helen Bashford has experience working in the mental health field, most recently as Carers Lead for a Mental Health Trust, providing support for families. She lives in Bromley, UK.

Russell Scott Skinner is an artist based in Kent, UK.