Over the Back Fence


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A memory of a child-hood experience has prompted this story. How important it is for parents to teach their children to be aware of stranger danger, trust their own senses and protect themselves.

Fay Gee-Hoy was born in Cherbourg but grew up in different places. This story was written during a writing for healing group workshop.- A photo brought back a memory of her real life experience in Redfern in 1968, Fay still thinks, “I wonder what would have happened if I had opened that gate.” She is proud of herself, that she did the right thing as a child and protected herself but life was never easy for her. Fay now lives in Townsville and works with Relationships Australia as Referrals for Active Intervention Indigenous Liason Worker. This story is relevant to her work and her family, making people more vigilant about their children.