No Room For Family Violence


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For open conversations about intimate partner relationships

  • What is abusive behaviour in an intimate partner relationship?
  • What are the markers of a respectful relationship?

Respect or disrespect are revealed in how we talk to each other, how we touch each other, how we make decisions, how we share power. They are revealed in our attitudes to gender, sexuality, finances, friends, family, children, roles and culture.

Drawing on research and extensive practice in family violence, No Room for Family Violenceis a set of 30 cards for having conversations with young people or adults about what abusive and respectful behaviour looks like in intimate partner relationships.

This card set explores 10 key aspects of a relationship in which abusive or respectful behaviour can be recognised by asking three simple, clarifying questions:

  • What do I want MORE of?
  • What CONCERNS me?
  • What do I want NONE of?

Use these cards to create dynamic, open conversations about intimate partner relationships in schools, sporting clubs, family violence services, refuges and community services, counselling, health education and mental health settings, groups for men, women, couples and parents.

  • 30 Laminated full colour cards
  • 210mm X 100mm
  • Polypropylene box
  • Booklet included

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