Motivational Interviewing for Working with Children and Families


A Practical Guide for Early Intervention and Child Protection

Drawing on 20 years of practical experience, research and teaching in the field, this book is a comprehensive guide on the use of Motivational Interviewing (MI) in child protection and family social work. MI increases the likelihood of behavioural change, working with client resistance to encourage a constructive environment when initiating difficult conversations. This makes it particularly effective for child and family social care. Drawing on over 500 studies spanning 11 local authorities, this book uses recordings of real meetings between social workers and families to explain what MI is, how it can be used in child and family social work and how to improve MI skills. An invaluable resource for frontline child protection and family social workers, this book will enable to help you to better understand the needs of the people you support and be more effective in providing the right kind of support.

Author Bio:

Donald Forrester is a Professor of Child and Family Social Work at Cardiff University, where he is also the Director of the CASCADE Centre for Children’s Social Care.

David Wilkins is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at Cardiff University and the Assistant Director of CASCADE.

Charlotte Whittaker is the Curriculum Lead for Motivational Interviewing on the Frontline social work training program.

All three authors have practical, front-line experience as social workers.