More Secret Girls’ Business


It is a companion volume to Secret Girls’ Business. In addition to information about periods, this puberty resource includes details about physical and emotional changes. It will give girls greater understanding and deeper knowledge about puberty and sexuality. Information is presented in a sensitive but open manner. It has simple language and fun illustrations which girls will enjoy.

This puberty education book aims to:

  • Provide girls with a full understanding of the physical and emotional changes experienced at puberty.
  • Provide practical advice for managing periods, including the use of pads and tampons.
  • Acknowledge and affirm the development of sexual feelings in girls as part of their sexuality education.
  • Celebrate changes to the female body.
  • Enhance confidence and self-esteem.
  • Provide hints for parents, teachers and carers, with special hints for Dads.

More Secret Girls’ Business is a valuable puberty resource which can be used by girls, families and community groups and is a suitable puberty resource for use as class sets of sex education books in schools.

More Secret Girls’ Business can be used as a disability puberty book for some women with special needs in the community.

As part of a girl’s sexuality education, Secret Boys’ Business is a valuable puberty resource to help understand the changes boys experience at puberty.

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