Love Your Body


My body is strong.

My body can do amazing things.

My body is my own.

What if every young girl loved her body? Freedom is loving your body with all its “imperfections” and being the perfectly imperfect you! Love Your Body encourages young girls to admire and celebrate their bodies for all the amazing things they can do, and help girls see that they are so much more than their bodies.

The first children’s book to depict stretch marks and cellulite.

When we show imperfections we erase the shame associated with them and there is no better time to normalize the normal than during childhood. It takes a lot of strength and time to unlearn negative attitudes towards our bodies in adulthood, so let’s ensure our children don’t have to carry this burden.

Bodies can do amazing things.

Research has shown that when a girl views her body as an instrument that performs important functions she is more likely to accept and appreciate her body. In a recent study, a direct correlation was found between women who appreciated the functionality of their bodies and positive experiences such as intuitive eating, self-compassion and believing in a broad conceptualization of beauty, resulting in a higher overall life satisfaction.

Girls can’t be what they can’t see.

In order for a girl to be able to accept and love her body she needs to see herself represented and celebrated. The powerful illustrations by Carol Rossetti show truly diverse characters celebrating their different bodies.

All you need is self-love.

The concepts of self-love is introduced and practical self-care tips are included to build resilience and emotional intelligence. This book is written for every girl, regardless of whether or not they are exhibiting signs of negative body image. We are living in an incredibly visual world and unfortunately it’s becoming increasingly hard for girls to escape internalizing the pressure of perfection.

Designed for young girls.

Written so that children younger than eight can navigate the book if assisted by a parent or teacher. Prepares girls for the external changes of puberty before they happen and to reassure them during the process.

Author Bio:

Jessica Sanders is an author, advocate and social worker. She has volunteered for several women’s rights organizations, supported women and children fleeing family violence, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in alliance with African women fighting for their rights to land, and lectured at schools teaching the importance of respect for self and others. Currently Jessica works at the Butterfly Foundation where she educates young people on the importance of positive body image.

Hard cover (Picture book)

Age range 6+

Full Colour

40 Page