Luca Goes to Dudesville


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Luca goes to Dudesville takes young readers on a journey into the imaginary world of Dudesville, where 8-year-old Luca learns important lessons about life, virtues and resilience.

In the magical village of Dudesville, virtues are personified as characters called Dudes and Dudettes, who teach the students (Dudies) about how to live life happily and courageously. Perseverance Dude, Determination Dude, and Hope and Faith Dudette influence students such as Bully Dudie and Scaredy Dudie to willingly develop more appropriate behaviours.

 This is Maria Demasi‘s first children’s book. She is passionate about self-development and the spiritual discipline of meditation and positive psychology and, through her story telling, wishes to impart the principles of self-development, awareness and spirituality to children.