Knowing our Place


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Knowing our place examines the way in which children view their world. It poses questions of citizenship and how children come to a sense of belonging in their community of nation, family, classroom and school.

This book describes and analyses the responses of more than 400 young Australians to a series of open-ended questions about belonging, identity and social and political power.

 While the fundamental aim of the book is to identify and describe aspects of children’s thinking as they grapple with their developing sense of being in the world, there are evident implications for the project of citizenship education.

Judith Gill is an Associate Professor in the School of Education at the University of South Australia. She has been a high school teacher in Australia and North America and has been engaged in academic research into gender and equity issues as well as citizenship for many years. The material in this book is drawn from her research work with the late Dr Sue Howard a colleague at the University of South Australia.