Kicky, the Mean Chick, Learns Her Lesson


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In the first of Kicky’s tales Kicky the Mean Chick is a bully to all the other chicks on the farm. Because she is bigger Kicky picks on the other chicks by pushing; picking; punching; and pecking. When Big Hen sees what she is doing he tells her that she can’t join the other chicks when it is time for play. Kicky has to sit away from the others alone. Kicky becomes sad and realizes that being a bully is not so much fun. When Dearie a smaller chick asks her why she is sad she tells her that she has been mean to others. Dearie encourages Kicky to write a letter of apology to all the other chicks and make a promise to be nice from now on. Kicky the mean chick learns that being nice is better and more fun!

In her next adventure Kicky and the Bully Kicky has learned her lesson and is now a nice chick. But there is a real big bully on the loose at her school. All the chicks are scared of him. Only Kicky stands up to him and makes him stop!

In her third and final adventure Kicky and the Mean Clique Kicky is excited to go to a big birthday party but a mean clique is after her. They pick on her and make her feel bad but Kicky stands up to them and makes them quit being so mean. And then she has the best time ever!

(Full-Colour Paperback)

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Author: Erika Karres