Is It OK to Ask Questions about Autism?


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Discussions with school children aged 5-11 reveal that there is still a degree of uncertainty amongst students about whether it is ok to ask questions about autism. Autism can be a sensitive topic, and is often not discussed in order to avoid awkward conversations.

It is very important that children are made aware of what autism is, in order to encourage healthy friendships and understand that it is ok to talk about. By raising awareness of autism with children, it will become a less taboo subject, and will encourage more informed conversations amongst any age-group. Based on the research of ongoing autism awareness workshops in schools, this book contains the most common questions asked by children about the subject. As well as detailed questions and answers from real children, the chapters contain useful tips for teachers and parents about how to engage with the topic of autism in a school environment and at home.

Designed for children aged 5-11 with easy language and fun illustrations, there is also advice for adults on how to facilitate a safe and open conversation with their children.


  • 1. An introduction to autism
  • 2. The facts
  • 3. The questions
  • 4. Useful tips for school
  • 5. Useful tips for teachers and parents.

Author Bio:

Abi Rawlins is an Art Psychotherapist, currently working in a medium secure forensic service. Abi has vast experience working with adults who have autism in community settings and has previously taught children with autism at a specialist ABA school in Wandsworth. Having worked for Mind in Croydon, supporting families affected by mental health issues, she was able to work with families who were living with autism and struggling to access appropriate support. Abi’s personal relationship with temporal lobe epilepsy and resulting traits of autism as a child have made her particularly passionate about raising awareness in schools.

Catherine Frizzell is a Behaviour Analyst specialising in children with autism. She has over 10 years of experience working with children of all ages in various home, community and school settings. Catherine currently works with children with autism in mainstream schools to overcome a range of behavioural and social difficulties that impact on their learning and development. She also has experience in advising and training teaching staff in supporting students with autism in the classroom and implementing positive behaviour strategies. Catherine and Abi co-founded Achieving with Autism, a social enterprise that raises awareness of autism in mainstream schools.