How Are You Feeling Today Baby Bear?: Exploring Big Feelings After Living in a Stormy Home


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A gentle story to help children aged 2 to 6 years who have lived with violence in their home

Baby Bear lives in a home with the Big Bears, and loves to chase butterflies and make mud pies – they make Baby Bear’s tummy fill with sunshine. Then, one night, Baby Bear hears a big storm downstairs in the house and in the morning, Baby Bear’s tummy starts to feel grey and rainy. How will such a small bear cope with these big new feelings?

This sensitive, charming storybook is written to help children who have lived with violence at home to begin to explore and name their feelings. Accompanied by notes for adults on how to use each page of the story to start conversations, it also features fun games and activities to help to understand and express difficult emotions. It will be a useful book for social workers, counsellors, domestic violence workers and all grown-ups working with children.


  • 1. Dear Child.
  • 2. How Are You Feeling Today Baby Bear?
  • 3. Page-by-page Guide to Using the Baby Bear Story.
  • 4. Activities and Games to Encourage Children to Explore and Learn about Feelings.

Author Bio:

Jane Evans is a Trauma Parenting Specialist and Freelance Trainer. This book has grown from her experiences working directly with children, young people and parents over many years as a respite foster carer, a domestic violence parenting worker, a registered child minder and a family support worker. She wrote the book in response to feedback from parents, carers and workers who wanted a sensitive story to support young children who have grown up around family violence.

Laurence Jackson is an illustrator and qualified Art Psychotherapist. He lives in Wiltshire, UK where he enjoys illustrating and utilizing the arts as a tool for healing.


This book, written by a trauma parenting specialist, is a great resource for anyone working with or caring for young children post domestic violence.

Hard cover (Picture book)

Age range 2 – 6+

Full Colour

32 Page