He’s Not Naughty!: A Children’s Guide to Autism


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Taryn and Jake are best friends who have lots of similarities and lots of differences. One of the differences is that Jake has autism and Taryn doesn’t, which means they can act differently sometimes. Taryn knows that people with autism are often mistaken for being naughty when it’s actually a natural way for their brain to react. Fed up with everyone not understanding, Taryn decides to let the world know why Jake isn’t naughty! Join Taryn as she candidly explains her understanding of autism, and why there’s always a reason behind everything Jake does.

This distinctively illustrated book is a quick and quirky way to explain to friends and family why children with autism behave the way they do. Unique visuals provide a great sense of what it’s truly like to have autism, making this the perfect book for children aged 6-10 to learn about autism.

Author Bio:

Deborah Brownson is an autism campaigner who was honoured with an MBE at New Years. She has also been an adviser for the BBC series  “The A Word”. She currently lives in the Lake District, UK.


‘When people think your autistic child is having a tantrum, just show them this book! An easy way to educate those around your child.’ – Alison White, Autism Parent, Canada

‘A real strength is that it is written by an autism parent and illustrated by a young man on the spectrum.’ – Dr Wendy Rankin, Consultant Paediatrician

‘A must-read if you want to effectively engage with and teach children on the autism spectrum. It gives a real insight into the world of autism, from a child’s perspective.’ – Angela Jordan, Teacher and Autism Parent

‘Especially helpful to support the understanding and empathy of siblings, family and friends.’ – Dr Nicola Kennelly, Child Psychologist

Soft cover (Picture book)

Age range 6+

Full Colour

80 Page