Helping Children to Manage Friendships. Photocopiable Activity Booklet to Support Wellbeing and Resilience


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Friendships and community are very important for the healthy social, psychological, and emotional development of young children. In this fun and accessible activity book, Deborah Plummer deploys over thirty years of expertise for parents, teachers, and therapists to facilitate healthy friendships between children. This activity book explores concepts around child friendships, community, and being part of a group whilst also including sections on cooperation, negotiation, and conflict resolution. This book is one of a series based on the use of imagination (I), mindful play (MP) and creative thinking (CT) to enhance social, psychological and emotional wellbeing and resilience in children. The accompanying ebook Using Imagination, Mindful Play and Creative Thinking to Support Wellbeing and Resilience in Children describes the theory and approach behind how these activities can significantly influence children’s perceptions of themselves and the world.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Introduction
  • l. Exploring concepts of friendship and community: a mindful play perspective
  • II. IMPACT essentials for managing friendships
  • III. Being part of a group
  • IV. Understanding friendships
  • V. Cooperation and negotiation; conflict management skills
  • VI. Celebrating together
  • VII. Activity sheets

Author Bio:

Deborah M. Plummer has over 30 years’ experience of facilitating groups and working individually with both children and adults. Formerly a clinical lead therapist working within the NHS, she also has extensive experience as a senior lecturer in aspects of health psychology and counselling. She ran workshops and short courses on the uses of imagery, games and story-telling in the promotion of well-being. Deborah is now retired.