Good Practice in Safeguarding Adults: Working Effectively in Adult Protection


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Good Practice in Safeguarding Adults provides an up to date and topical overview of developments in policy, guidance, legislation and practice in the area of adult protection. The book aims to broaden thinking about adult abuse, assesses alternative models of practice such as criminal justice and welfare, and covers groups who may be overlooked, such as people with brain injuries, older prisoners and adults within the black and minority ethnic communities. Issues covered include domestic violence and honour-based crime, abuse in institutions, financial abuse, and risk assessment in adult protection. The book is illustrated throughout with case studies, and also gives a voice to the victims of adult abuse who can be forgotten in a working environment that emphasises target performance, indicators, standards, star ratings, paperwork and correct use of terminology. This book will be essential reading for anyone working with vulnerable adults, including social workers, care managers, care workers, health care staff, police, probation officers, staff within the prison system, advocates, volunteers, training officers and students.


  • Introduction. Jacki Pritchard, Independent Social Worker, JP Ltd.
  • Chapter 1. No Secrets, Safeguarding Adults and Adult Protection Work. Gary Fitzgerald, Action On Elder Abuse.
  • Chapter 2. Millstone to Mainstream: The Development of Vulnerable Adult Policy in North Wales. Arwel Wyn Owen, Anglesey County Council.
  • Chapter 3. Two Years in the Life of an Adult Protection Co-Ordinator. Peter Sadler, Lincolnshire County Council.
  • Chapter 4. Domestic Violence and Honour Based Crime: Joined Up Governance and an Islamic Approach. District Judge Marilyn Mornington, Family Justice Council and Jamieson Mornington, MA.
  • Chapter 5. Elder Abuse and Black and Minority Ethnic Communities: Lessons for Good Practice. Alison Bowes, Ghizala Avan and Sherry Bien Macintosh, University Of Stirling.
  • Chapter 6. The Role of the Commission for Social Care Inspection. Adrian Hughes, Commission for Social Care Inspection.
  • Chapter 7. The Abuse in Institutions and the Resulting Inquiries. Deborah Kitson, Ann Craft Trust.
  • Chapter 8. Older Adults in Prison: Vulnerability, Abuse and Neglect. Adrian J. Hayes, University Of Manchester and Seena Fazel, University Of Oxford.
  • Chapter 9. Brain Injury, Case Management and Financial Abuse: A Complex Affair. Lucy Naven and Jackie Parker, J.S. Parker and Associates.
  • Chapter 10. Using the Mental Capacity Act to Protect Vulnerable Adults. Simon Leslie, Berkshire County Council.
  • Chapter 11. Doing Risk Assessment Properly In Adult Protection Work. Jacki Pritchard.
  • Chapter 12. Survivors Explain Healing Through Group Work. Members of Beyond Existing.
  • List of Contributors.
  • Index.


This readable, clear and comprehensive guide to working in adult protection is aimed at a wide range of practitioners who work with vulnerable adults, from students to specialist staff. It is edited by Jackie Pritchard, and independent social worker, trainer, consultant, researcher and author, who has a good track record of usable and helpful texts in this field.