Creative Counselling. Creative Tools and Interventions to Nurture Therapeutic Relationships


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This guide explains how to incorporate creative interventions into counselling confidently and effectively and provides activities to support clients to express themselves through art, sound, movement, symbols, poetry and more.

The book presents the Creative Counselling Model and gives guidance on incorporating creativity at every step of the therapeutic journey, from initial contract through to managing endings. It will support you to better adapt to the needs and interests of your clients, increase engagement, build better therapeutic relationships and improve outcomes. Advice is also given on nurturing your own creativity as a therapist and using creativity as self-care.

Bonus content! This book also gives access to a free video series where you can learn more about some of the creative tools and interventions in the book, such as using clay, sand and symbols.

Author Bio:

Tanja Sharpe is an integrative counsellor and therapeutic coach. She has a private practice based in Chester and has previously worked as a counsellor in the NHS and Rape Crisis. She is the Founder of Creative Counsellors and the author of Doodle your Worries Away and CBT Doodling for Kids


“This is a truly comprehensive guide to help counsellors and therapists embrace a multitude of creative tools and techniques. Useful for those new to incorporating creativity into their practice, and as well as for the more experienced practitioner” – Jennifer Guest, Clinical Supervisor, Author of Even More CBT Art Activities