Child to Parent Violence and Abuse. Family Interventions with Non Violent Resistance


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Providing an authoritative overview of the growing phenomena of child to parent violence – a feature in the daily life of increasing numbers of families – this book outlines what we know about it, what is effective in addressing it, and outlines a proven model for intervention.

Based on Non Violent Resistance (NVR), the model is founded on a number of key elements: parental commitment to non-violence, de-escalation skills, increased parental presence, engaging the support network and acts of reconciliation. The book outlines the theory and principles, and provides pragmatic guidance for implementing these elements, accompanied by case studies to bring the theory to life.


  • Introduction;
  • Part I: Theory and Good Practice
  • 1.Coming to terms with child to parent violence and abuse
  • 2. What do we know about child to parent violence and abuse: where and why?
  • 3. Gender, domestic violence and child to parent violence and abuse
  • 4. Responses to child to parent violence and abuse
  • 5. Facilitating change: solution focused therapy and child to parent violence and abuse
  • 6. Messages from research about Non Violent Resistance
  • Part II: The Non Violent Resistance Model
  • 7. Introducing Non Violent Resistance
  • 8. Implementing Non Violent Resistance – Foundations and Scaffolding
  • 9. Non Violent Resistance in Action
  • 10. Supporting practice, supporting families
  • References

Author Bio:

An experienced social worker and psychotherapist, Dr Declan Coogan lectures in social work at the National University of Ireland Galway and is a Research Fellow with the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre.


This book is based upon the author’s extensive experience of practising and researching an area that is increasingly recognised as having very serious implications for families. Accessibly written, it provides a wealth of insights and guidance and should be required reading on all qualifying and post-qualifying courses in social work and related disciplines.