Brief Narrative Practice in Single-Session Therapy


Brief Narrative Practice in Single-Session Therapy emphasizes collaboration, meaning making, and relational ethics in single-session conversations. Chapters provide a thorough orientation to the therapy and address the diverse circumstances clinicians face in these conversations.

Separating from many long-held traditions in therapy, this book explores a guiding framework and the accompanying micro-skills that therapeutic conversations demand. In these pages, readers will learn how to recalibrate their listening habits and talk differently about problems in ways that help them quickly hear and generate possibilities.

All those who provide psychotherapy, counselling, and coaching in time-constrained contexts will find this book useful and engaging, including those working in crisis and call-in settings, walk-in clinics, medical centres, and live-in contexts where change conversations are brief.


1. The Therapeutic Landscape

2. Key Concepts in Brief Narrative Therapy

3. Re-Visioning the Therapeutic Context

4. Calibrating Your Brief Narrative Ear

5. Phase One: Beginnings

6. Phase Two: Meaning Generation and Story Expansion

7. Phase Three: Conversation Endurance

8. Co-Crafting Take-Away Documents

9. Leave-Behind Documents

10. Externalizing Conversations

11. Counter-Storying in Single Session Therapy

12. Addressing the Effects of Trauma in a Single Session

13. The Game Plan

14. Re-membering Conversations

15. Single Session Therapy and Crisis Conversations

16. Navigating Children’s Experience of Separation/Divorce

17. Developing Concepts for Living

18. Quality Assurance in Single Session Therapy 19. Conclusion

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