Single Session One at a Time Counselling with Couples. Challenge and Possibility


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This book introduces One at a Time (OOAT) Single Session Therapy (SST) for couples, presenting a new and innovative format for couples counselling and therapy that fills the gaps between SST and traditional couples therapy models.

The book covers the historical background of brief therapy, the concept of change in different therapy models, and the different formats of SST. The general mindset – as well as the specific thinking and practice of SST/OAAT are described in detail, combined with practical guidelines and many concrete examples from couple sessions. Five full length OAAT session stories give the reader a clear sense of what OAAT with couples really is like and how different counselors use their personal styles and preferences.

Single Session One at a Time Counselling with Couples is written for working therapists, therapists in training, supervisors, managers, and couples themselves who are thinking of scheduling therapy.


  • Foreword – Nancy McElheran
  • Foreword – Michael Hoyt
  • 1. Introduction – Martin Söderquist
  • 2. Laws and Couple Therapy Practice in Different Countries- Martin Söderquist
  • 3. Couple Relationships – Martin Söderquist
  • 4. Change or Not – That is the Question – Martin Söderquist
  • 5. Couple Therapy and Counselling – Martin Söderquist
  • 6. Brief Therapy – Martin Söderquist
  • 7. Sources of Inspiration – Martin Söderquist
  • 8. Frequently Asked Questions about OAAT – Martin Söderquist
  • 9. OAAT Mind Set – Thinking and Practice – Martin Söderquist
  • 10. Coincidence Favours the Prepared Mind – Martin Söderquist
  • 11. Doing OAAT with Couples – Martin Söderquist
  • 12. An Ordinary Day – OAAT Team, Malmö – Martin Söderquist, Malena Cronholm-Nouicer, Lars Dannerup, Karin Wulff
  • 13. OAAT Sessions – Introduction to Full-Length Case Stories – Martin Söderquist
  • 14. Creating Safety and Good Moments – Martin Söderquist
  • 15. To Know Your Way About – Lars Dannerup
  • 16. Team and Progress – Karin Wulff
  • 17. Stories and Fairy Tales as an Opportunity in OAAT – Malena Cronholm-Nouicer
  • 18. Pause Button and Empty Cards – Martin Söderquist
  • 19. Closing Reflections

Author Bio:

Martin Söderquist is a licensed psychologist, licensed family therapist and couple counselor. He has 40 years of experience of child- and adolescent psychiatry, drug abuse treatment and couple counseling as well as training and supervision. Martin has published six books in Swedish and contributed with several articles in international journals and book chapters.


“Clients are clearly at the centre of care and work in a collaborative manner with their therapist in this approach.” – Nancy McElheran, from the Foreword.

“For many couples, individuals and families one session is what they want and need. Single Session One at a Time: Challenge and Possibility describes ways to help many clients in one session.” – Michael Hoyt, from the Foreword.