Big Sky Mind


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You know when you’re having a really bad day and nothing seems to go right? You feel scared, sad and mad all at the same time, and you don’t know what to do. This little book about mindfulness can help you.

  • It will teach you how to mediate and grow your heart.
  • It will help you create space around your feelings, accept yourself as you are and discover your inner wisdom.
  • With nine simple mindfulness exercises, you can learn how to soften your emotions, grow your heart, feel protected and discover your inner wisdom.

Mindfulness is the practice of being aware of and present in each moment. Through it, you can relax your mind, improve your health, and develop kindness to yourself and others. Mindfulness training is for anyone, no matter what age or background. It is not tied to any specific religion or cultural tradition, and requires no special equipment. The method is simple, but the mind is tricky. With practice, and attention, you can find your Big Sky Mind in every day life.

Author Bio:

Whitney Stewart was born an adventurer. At 14, she hung off ice-cliffs, summited the Grand Teton, and dreamed of climbing the Himalaya. A sports injury led her to a yoga class where she learned to meditate. At 27, she trekked in Tibet, Nepal, and India where she met meditation masters, including the Dalai Lama. From them she learned more about mindfulness practice. Now she teaches mindfulness to children and college students in the United States.

Illustrator Bio:

Sally Rippin was born in Darwin, but grew up mainly in South-East Asia, moving country every two years for her father’s work. As a young adult she lived in China for three years, studying traditional Chinese painting, then moved to France where she began work on her first novel. Now Sally lives in Melbourne, Australia, where she writes and illustrates full-time, though her feet still itch to travel. Sally has always been daunted by the prospect of meditation, but was inspired by Whitney’s text to give it a try. Now she aims to do a short meditation once a day, even though her family might claim she’s actually dozing.

“In the picture, the monkey looks slightly smug, as he is able to sit in a complicated meditation position quite easily, and the elephant, unable to cross his enormous legs, peeks anxiously at his friend. I also realised how perfectly the assumed character traits of these two creatures summed up my own mind whenever I attempted to meditate: clumsy, heavy, leaden as an elephant, or skittish, chattering and restless as a monkey.

I was very happy with this unexpected outcome, as I had secretly hoped this book would appeal not only to children but also to adults like me who have always found the prospect of meditation daunting. After all, I thought, feeling inspired by my own illustration – if an elephant can meditate, anyone can!”

  • Hard cover (Picture book)
  • Age range 5+
  • Full Colour
  • 28 Page