Big Book of LGBTQ+ Activities: Teaching Children about Gender Identity, Sexuality, Relationships and Different Families


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Illustrated fairytales teaching children age 6 – 9 about gender identity and relationships. This engaging workbook will support inclusive learning environments in schools and the fun activities help children connect with and explore the ideas raised in each story.

With 5 fun tales featuring merpeople, a rainbow wedding and a back-to-front horse, this captivating guide to LGBTQ+ identities takes you on a journey through Clear Sky Castle to promote inclusion for children aged 6 to 9.

The interactive stories and games – including drawing, sculpting, word searches and quizzes – raise awareness of different kinds of families, as well as identities such as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and non-binary, and teach acceptance for all. The resourceful Guide for Adults at the end of the book offers advice, answers to activities throughout, and signposts to helpful organisations for the adult reading the book with the child.


  • About this Book
  • SECTION 1: Stories and Activities
  • 1. The Story of the Princess Who Loved to Invent + Activities
  • 2. The Story of the Unicorn That Sneezed + Activities
  • 3. The Story of Arthurs Big Day + Activities
  • 4. The Story of Kai in the Snow + Activities
  • 5. The Story the Back-to-Front Horse + Activities
  • SECTION 2:
  • Guide for Adults
  • How this Book Works
  • Common Questions
  • How to Support an LGBT+ Child

Author Bio:

Amie Taylor


“This book is a very exciting publication. It is engaging and practical, making LGBT+ young people feel included and offering support and guidance for their families in a fun way. I wish it existed when I was young!” — Daniel Tomlinson-Gray, co-founder and director LGBTed