Baby Business


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A warm and loving story about an ancient First Nations ritual, brought in to present-day context to share with young children.

Baby Business tells the story of a Darug baby smoking ceremony that welcomes baby to country. The smoke is a blessing – it will protect the baby and remind them that they belong. This beautiful ritual is recounted in a way young children will completely relate to and is enhanced by gentle illustrations.

Darug language words are integrated throughout, with a glossary at the back. Central to this stunning book is a message of connection to Country and the need to care for it.

“Warm smoke from the fire on your mouth. Keep our language on your tongue. Our words are the song of our ancestors and show the pathway to Dreaming.”


Author Bio:

Jasmine Seymour is a Darug woman and descendant of Maria Lock, who was the daughter of Yarramundi, the Boorooberongal elder who had met Governor Phillip on the banks of the Hawkesbury River in
1791. Maria was the first Aboriginal woman to be educated by the Blacktown Native Institute. She was married to carpenter and convict, Robert Lock and their union resulted in thousands of descendants who can all trace their Darug heritage back past Yarramundi.

It is Jasmine’s wish that through her books, everyone will know that the Darug mob are still here, still strong. Jasmine is a primary school teacher in the Hawkesbury area of NSW.


“This heart-warming book about belonging to place, community and family is perfect for sharing.” – Dr Stephanie Owen Reeder, Canberra Times

“Baby Business felt like being warmly invited to witness the very intimate occasion of a baby being welcomed into country as wisps of smoke bathes the newborn and connects them to their land, keeps them safe from bad spirits and encourages them to always remember their family, law, land and language.” – Megan Daley, Children’s Books Daily

“There is much to be learnt about Indigenous culture and ceremony and Baby Business is a great resource for both homes, schools and libraries. Seymour has created a beautiful text that has value both for its content and its aesthetic.” – Ella, Sun Bookshop Reviews

  • Hard cover (Picture book)
  • Age range 5+
  • Full Colour
  • 32 Page