Baby Blue


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Baby Blue lives in a blue world – everything is blue, from the trees, to the flowers, to the animals. When he accidentally tears a hole and a strange light pours in, he can see someone that isn’t blue – another little person like him, only they are yellow. Scared but curious, he overcomes his fear and introduces himself to Baby Yellow.

With his new friend, he realizes that the world is full of new and wonderful things to discover. This sweet story encourages children to conquer their fear of the unknown and take a chance on new and different things.

Author Bio:

Judi (Giuditta) Abbot went to art school in Italy. She’s since published books that have been translated around the world. Judi’s highly recognizable style features simple shapes and bright colours rendered in acrylics, coloured pencils, and digitally.


The illustrations are as simple as the message, which is obvious and will appeal to readers looking for easy answers. – School Library Journal

  • Hard cover (Picture book)
  • Age range 5+
  • Full Colour
  • 32 Page