ASD Feel Better Book: A Visual Guide to Help Brain and Body for Children on the Autism Spectrum


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The ASD Feel Better Book is designed to help children on the autism spectrum develop insight into what can upset them and make them feel bad and then increase their awareness of how to make themselves feel good again. With visual maps and icons, the book proceeds through various components of the body and mind to isolate many of the things that can go wrong and explores how children can try to set them right. Designed to be read with an adult, there are problem-solving exercises and skills practice in the form of activities, games and worksheets.

For children on the autism spectrum aged 7-14, parents, teachers, counsellors and therapists.


  • Introduction for Adults
  • Part 1: Feeling good and feeling bad
  • Part 2: Giving your body what it needs
  • Part 3: Giving your breathing what it needs
  • Part 4: Giving your mind what it needs
  • Part 5: Needs vs. Wants
  • Part 6: Putting it all together to feel better
  • Part 7: Learning Activities.

Author Bio:

Joel Shaul is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who specializes in ASDs. Through his organization, Autism Teaching Strategies, he provides workshops on social skills teaching and mental health treatment methods. He is co-creator of Ryuu social skills products, and author of numerous books.


‘By following Joel’s expert advice, children with ASD’s will learn how to replace their emotional flip switch with a more disciplined dimmer switch. Now that would certainly be something to feel better about!’ – K.I. AL-Ghani, Specialist Advisory Teacher, University Lecturer, Autism Trainer and international author of books on ASD

‘Joel’s newest book presents readers with fantastic visuals that provide an accessible approach to the physical and emotional stages of regulation, but more importantly, it also includes practical strategies that allow for children to feel in control throughout their day.’ – Lauren Brukner, Occupational Therapist, and author of The Awesome and In Control Series

‘I love the way that the author keeps language simple and incorporates visuals for each explanation. The accessible layout will make it possible to navigate even on a worst, most anxious day. Images may even be stored and collated in memory and associated with situations as they arise. I love the use of examples of others who might experience the same things and the way key questions allow an opportunity for self reflection, discussion and awareness. This book is a brilliant concept and I’m certain it will be a really useful resource.’ – Adele Devine – Author, Special Needs teacher and Co Founder of the Multi award winning SEN Assist autism software.