Anxiety Survival Guide: Getting through the Challenging Stuff


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An accessible, easy to use anxiety survival guide for young people becoming adults aged 18-25. Co-authored by psychologists and a young person with anxiety, it looks at the causes of anxiety and offers simple strategies and exercises to reduce anxious feelings.

Includes chapters on studying, moving out, interview strategies, OCD and panic attacks.


  • Part One: Why adulthood can make us anxious
  • 1: What’s so hard about being an adult?
  • 2: Dealing with all the stuff you can’t possibly know
  • Part Two: The challenges of adulthood: A how-to guide
  • 3: Getting out and making friends
  • 4: What can I do with anxious thoughts?
  • 5: I can’t focus! How to study with anxiety
  • 6: What about moving out?
  • 7: Surviving (to thriving) interviews
  • 8: Workplace worries
  • Part Three: Anxiety in adulthood: Some top tip
  • 9: A quick guide to panic attacks
  • 10: ‘A little bit OCD’
  • 11: So how do I stay calm and healthy?
  • 12: What is this mindfulness all about?
  • 13: Where can I get some extra help?
  • Appendix I: Living a life that fits with your values
  • Appendix II: Testing out your safety behaviours
  • Appendix III: Thought challenging sheet
  • Appendix IV: Compassionate other exercise
  • Appendix V: Positive activities list
  • Appendix VI: Self-care plan

Author Bio:

Dr Bridie Gallagher is a Senior Psychologist working for the NHS to improve the mental health and wellbeing of young people in the secure estate.

Dr Sue Knowles is a senior clinical psychologist with longstanding experience of working with young people and their carers in a range of settings. She works for the psychological services organisation Changing Minds UK.

Phoebe McEwen is a college student with lived experience of anxiety.


Bridie, Sue and Phoebe are friendly and practical in their approach and provide a wide range of questions and suggestions which will boost the understanding, skills and confidence of any young adult living with anxiety.