Ali’s Secret. A story about courage and disclosure


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Ali’s Secret is a great resource for parents, carers, chaplains and counsellors; to open discussion, empower resilience and take steps toward safety and healing (while keeping innocent children unscathed by the subject). This book is suitable for reading to mixed primary school groups.

Ali’s Secret is a 34 page, full colour, paperback.

Disclosure means breaking a secret that needs to be broken. If Ali breaks her secret, there will be trouble but if she doesn’t, she risks losing all that she loves. Her friends don’t know how to help but they hope that Brolga will. Join with Ali as she faces the three big barriers to disclosure. Will she find the courage to overcome these barriers or forever live with her loss?

From the Author – Rob Turner

School Chaplains are ideally situated to hear disclosures, but the topic is so delicate that a tailored program and a discreet book could help a lot. In searching for appropriate resources, I was encouraged to write them myself. The story ‘Ali’s Secret’ (originally called ‘Afgan’s Secret) came to me in the middle of the night. What I lacked in writing skills and professional expertise was soon made up by an amazing collection of authors, police, editor, proof reader, counsellors and psychologist. I’m very grateful to all of the contributors and supporters of this project.


“Disclosing abuse is often the first step taken towards healing – but it can also be the scariest. This book highlights the power and impact one caring adult can make in the life of a child who is holding a yucky secret. Responding to a disclosure with belief and care is a powerful gift we can all give to someone who has mustered great courage to share their truth. Ali’s Secret is an engaging tale of courage, friendship, and the healing power of disclosures, told in a gentle way that leaves just enough unsaid so as to make it accessible for all readers” – Dr Sheryle Vilenica. Psychologist, researcher and author.