The Strange and Curious Guide to Trauma


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Our book about trauma features buzzy bees stuck in your tummy, yes, and also science and superheroes, carrots and lambs, lollies and, unfortunately for me, baboons…

Join Ordinary Joe, some people, Courtney Cortisol, Amy Amygdala and friends to be guided through the curious world of trauma. This fully illustrated guide for children aged 8-12 features an array of quirky characters and facts about trauma woven into a therapeutic story. Learn why some carrots grow perfect and straight, others wonky and wobbly – and why that’s ok! Find out all the clever ways our strange and curious bodies keep us safe all the time, and what the different nutty parts of our brain do for us when we are afraid! Discover all this and more to understand your own experiences, body, and even friends better too. (And just in case you don’t remember it all, there is a summary of all the things we have learnt at the end) Let knowledge and kindness become your superpower by learning all the strange and curious things about Trauma!


  • 1. Baboon Tuesday
  • I: An ordinary day
  • 2. To Bees or Not to Bees – Trauma
  • 3. Where it comes from – A tale of two carrots
  • 4. The Drive to Stay Alive
  • 5. DANGERS! Different kinds of dangers to our aliveness
  • 6. Baboon Tuesday
  • II: A screech and a swear
  • 7. PAUSE! What happened to me on Baboon Tuesday
  • 8. Amy Amygdala and Adrian Adrenaline
  • 9. Baboon Tuesday
  • III – run for my life
  • 10.Ladies and Gentlemen – Baby v Lamb
  • 11.RRRREWIND! A bit of remembering
  • 12.Some People and three things they say that are WRONG
  • 13.How to Grow Your Superpowers
  • 14.Baboon Tuesday
  • IV – the Final Chapter

Author Bio:

Sally Donovan OBE, is an award-winning writer and adoptive parent. Her bestselling books include No Matter What: An Adoptive Family’s Story of Love, Hope and Healing and The Unofficial Guide to Adoptive Parenting. She is also author of Billy Bramble and the Great Big Cook Off, a story for children of 8-13 who struggle with their feelings.

Emmi Smid is a children’s book author and illustrator from the Netherlands and a former resident of Brighton UK. Her books include Luna’s Red Hat and Rainbow Village.


“Using irreverent humour and metaphor, Sally Donovan has created an important and accessible book that sheds light on the often difficult-to-approach subject of trauma. A brilliant book for children and those who care for them” – Poppy O’Neill, bestselling author of Don’t Worry, Be Happy, You’re a Star, Be Strong and Be Yourself.

It’s hilarious, it’s weird, it’s strange and curious – it’s the best way to for children to get all the information about trauma they need