The Resilient Practitioner Burnout and Compassion Fatigue Prevention and Self-Care Strategies for the Helping Professions, 3rd Edition


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The Resilient Practitioner, 3rd edition, gives students and practitioners the tools they need to create their own personal balance between caring for themselves and caring for others. This new edition includes a new chapter on resiliency, an updated self-care action plan, self-reflection exercises in each chapter, and a revised resiliency inventory for practitioners. Readers will find, however, that the new edition keeps its strong focus on research and accessible writing style. The new edition also retains its focus on establishing working alliances and charting a hopeful path for practitioners, a path that allows them to work intensely with human suffering and also have a vibrant career in the process.


  • About the Authors
  • Professions Under the Resilient Practitioner Umbrella
  • Preface Skovholt Practitioner Professional Resiliency and Self-Care Inventory, 2014 version
  • Part One 1. Caring for Others Versus Self-Care: The Great Human Drama
  • 2. Joys, Rewards, and Gifts of Practice
  • 3. The Cycle of Caring: Core of the Helping Professions
  • 4. The Elevated Stressors of the Novice Practitioner
  • 5. Hazards of Practice
  • 6. Hemorrhaging of the Caring Self: Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma, Ambiguous Endings and Professional Uncertainty
  • Part Two 7.What is Human Resilience?
  • 8. Sustaining the Professional Self
  • 9. Sustaining the Personal Self
  • 10. The Eye of the Storm Model of Practitioner Resiliency
  • 11. The Evolving Practitioner from Early Career Anxiety to Later–Usually–Competence Thomas M. Skovholt and Michael H. Rønnestad
  • 12. Burnout Prevention and Self-Care Strategies of Expert Practitioners Mary Mullenbach and Thomas M. Skovholt
  • 13. Epilogue
  • 14. Self-Care Action Plan
  • Acknowledgments References Index.

    Author Bio:

    Thomas M. Skovholt, PhD, LP, ABPP, is professor at the University of Minnesota, a psychologist in part-time private practice, and author or co-author of 13 books. He has received awards for writing, teaching and professional practice and has taught and given workshops around the world.

    Michelle Trotter-Mathison, PhD, LP, is a psychologist and the assistant director of the mental health clinic at the University of Minnesota’s Boynton Health Service. She also maintains a private practice in St. Paul, Minnesota, and is co-editor of Voices from the Field: Defining Moments in Counsellor and Therapist Development.