The Redemption Approach


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This resource provides a fresh approach to managing and helping students who are resistant or non-responsive to more traditional forms of discipline in schools. It provides a series of alternative strategies and lessons that can be useful for classroom and special education teachers, counsellors, social workers, administrators and other educational professionals who are in contact with students who exhibit very challenging attitudes and behaviours in school.

Included in this book are suggestions strategies activities and reproducible worksheets that incorporate the five redemption principles. These keys can be particularly helpful with students when other methods seem to fail to bring lasting positive change:

1. Forgiveness: sincerity renewal respect apology

2. Restitution: reflection privileges & opportunities appropriate responses

3. Recovery: interpersonal relationships connecting recognition

4. Humour: setting the stage of humour using class clowns as leaders

5. Inspiration: 5 steps to re-engagement inspired listening positive recognition


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Author: Ed Orszulak, Ph.D.