The Quick Guide to Therapeutic Parenting: A Visual Introduction


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Therapeutic parenting is not your usual parenting style. It’s a special, specific way to raise kids who have experienced trauma in their past, and requires a lot of commitment and determination – this is about far more than love and care.

But where do you start?

This book is the ideal first step for anyone who wants to understand how therapeutic parenting works. It offers simple summaries of the key ideas behind it, fully illustrated throughout with informative cartoons and graphics. Over 40 different issues are covered, from dysregulation and fear, to setting boundaries and parenting in the midst of trauma.

The perfect introduction for new therapeutic parents, family members, teachers or other adults who need to help support you and your child, this Quick Guide will also be a source of inspiration for more experienced parents.

Market: Parents, carers and family members who are new to the concept of therapeutic parenting; supporting professionals such as social workers, counsellors and therapists working with looked after children


  • Acknowledgments.
  • Introduction Sarah Naish.
  • WHY DO OUR CHILDREN DO THE THINGS THEY DO?! The Unskilled Pilot – (A lack of trust)
  • The Spider Parent- (Fear of adults)
  • My Friend the Spider- (Staying safe)
  • The Automatic Car- (Illogical behaviours)
  • The Plane Crash (part 1) – (Impulsiveness)
  • The Deal Breaker -(Breaking promises)
  • The Land of Now- (Unable to link cause and effect)
  • The Crumbling Wall – (Hidden disabilities)
  • RAISING PENGUINS. Penguins Don’t Fly- (Our children are different)
  • The Messy Nest (Destruction)
  • The Girl Who Wouldn’t Try – (Self sabotage)
  • Squeezing the Glass- (Over controlling)
  • The King of the Castle (Traditional consequences don’t work)
  • Lie Tennis- (Lying)
  • The Apprentice Who Wasn’t Sorry- (Fake apologies)
  • The Lift – (Unintended consequences)
  • IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS – The Unhelpful Others.
  • The Goldfish -(Risk averse practice)
  • The Measuring Stick – (Judgement from others)
  • The Cart – (Our burden)
  • The Ostrich Teacher- (Unhelpful schools)
  • The Snowflake Parent- (Unhelpful others)
  • PARENTING IN THE TRAUMA TORNADO.. The Eye of the Storm- (Managing chaos)
  • The Elephant- (Staying kind)
  • The Steam Train- (Keeping on track)
  • The Rude Wind- (Responding to rudeness)
  • The Conductor – (Controlling behaviour)
  • The Missiles- (Responding to arguing)
  • The Cliff Top- (Keeping boundaries)
  • The Inquiry Lie- (Honesty)
  • SAFER PARENTING– Therapeutic Responding. The Needle on the Record- (Changing our responses)
  • The Plane Crash Part 2- (Unable to calm)
  • ACE Detective- (Working out what is behind the behaviour)
  • The Frightened Dog- (Connecting in a crisis)
  • Sharing the PIE- (Sibling rivalry)
  • The Shame Pit- (Overwhelming shame)
  • The Escalator – (Natural and logical consequences)
  • WHERE DID THAT COME FROM?! The Trap Door -(Triggers)
  • Trauma Pancakes- (Multiple issues surfacing)
  • The Jigsaw Child- (Why sabotage happens)
  • The Smoke Detector- (Unexpected behaviours)
  • The Monster in the Cupboard – (Difficult quiet times)
  • THE OVERWHELMING NEED.. The Two-year-old Psychopath- (Lack of empathy)
  • The Pet Spider- (Being controlled)
  • Memory Beach- (Memory issues)
  • The Hand-Grenade- (The ‘trouble-maker’)
  • The Car Crash- (Feeling overwhelmed)
  • FILLING THE CUP. The Empty Cup- (Exhaustion)
  • The Boring Place- (Getting a break)
  • Eeyore Parenting- (Losing hope)
  • The Rabbit- (Isolation)
  • The Empathy Bowl- (Effective listening)
  • HOPE. The Twisty Turny Steps- (Fear for the future)
  • The Diet Fail- (Having a bad day)
  • Slides and Ladders- (Overcoming obstacles)
  • The Trauma Lake- (Foundations for change)
  • The Hidden Path- (Inspiration)

Author Bio:

Sarah Naish is an adoptive parent, director of Inspire Training Group, which delivers training on attachment issues, founder of the National Association of Therapeutic Parents and author of the hugely popular Therapeutic Parenting Books series